and Fortran 90/95


Every now an then I like to revisit some old language or interpreter and refresh or evern build my skill. Just like with Fortran 90/95. Most of the time however I just lack actual problems to solve. The books I have on my shelf cover a wide range of general stuff starting from “Reading from a file” all the way down to “Here’s some generic way to call the intrinsic function A”.

Thus I’ve used the problemset at to actually get hands on with the language.

If you haven’t heard about by now go check it out and solve some problems.

If you have, are on it and want to become friends: 1246163_AvuxOVMXh7Ghg66Gw40PL21A13GJko5j

Problem 1426 Sep 18
Problem 1318 Sep 18
Problem 1211 Sep 18
Problem 1111 Sep 18
Problem 1010 Sep 18
Problem 905 Jan 18
Problem 802 Jan 18
Problem 729 Dec 17
Problem 629 Dec 17
Problem 529 Dec 17
Problem 428 Dec 17
Problem 327 Dec 17
Problem 222 Dec 17
Problem 122 Dec 17

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